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I have had a site presence on the world wide web since late 2000. Over the years I have had several internet hosts over the years. I can't say I have ever had a perfect host! It seems though over the years the hosts seem to have gone downhill in a pretty significant rate. Customer service is a non existent commodity anymore. 
I have finally decided that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  I don't make a nickle on this site and I spend my own money out of my pocket to keep it running. I started this site to first share my interests in motorcycles, Airplanes, and Automobiles. Over the years it has grown and I tried to share my knowledge,  teach, and occasionally have a little fun.
My latest Host "ARVIXE" has gone from a mediocre hosting company to the worst host I have ever been with. I had a problem accessing and editing the site a while back and when I sent in a ticket to get it fixed, it took customer support 2 weeks to respond to my problem. I am not kidding, 2 weeks. It then took close to a week for them to jerk me around and when it was all said and done the host said "We have discontinued support for that application. They offered their in house application, However it was not accessible till my first problem was solved. That is where they left me.  I happened to look today and my old app was back running like it used to. To note from the host no explanation. nothing nada zip zero. 
 I have decided that I am no longer "Having Fun". I am tired of fighting with internet hosts. I am tired of hackers whom seem bent on screwing something up all the time. I am tired of the time I waste dealing with all of this.
So I have decided to Bag this website and get it shut down and stop the continuous drain on my finances and time. It has been a long time but it is time to Let Go, move on, and get over it!
Thanks for all the faithful viewers over the years you support is appreciated.
My Best Regards,
The Tek At Large.
PS. in my opinion ARVIXE Web Hosting SUCKS!
don't use them or you will be sorry
This site will self destruct in 45 days from May 16 2016